• 工作经历

    Work Experience

    ZhaoDu Gold & Jewelry 赵都金店

    01.2022 - Present Handan, China 中国 邯郸

    General Manager 总经理

    Flip The Script 反客为主营销策划

    01.2017 - Present 至今. Beijing, China 中国 北京

    Founder / General Manager 创始人 / 总经理

    Serviceplan 卅六策

    09.2016. - 01.2017. Beijing, China 中国 北京

    Strategic Planner 策略

    McGann | Zhang 麦智一驰

    01.2015 - 02.2016 Los Angeles, CA 美国加州 洛杉矶

    CEO / Co-Founder 合伙人兼CEO

    Detecon Consulting 德泰通咨询

    07.2012 - 09.2012 Beijing, China 中国 北京

    Automotive Industry Analyst 汽车产业分析专员

    Wells Fargo 富国银行

    05.2012 - 07.2012 Shanghai, China 中国 上海

    Global Trade Service Associate 国际贸易服务部实习生

    Merrill Lynch 美林投资

    01.2012 - 04.2012 Richmond, VA 美国弗吉尼亚州 里士满

    Branch Associate 分行专员

  • 服务过的品牌

    The Brands I Worked On

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    角色: 首席策略 

    市场: 北美地区

    Role: Chief Strategist

    Market: U.S.A.

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    角色: 营销策略

    市场: 中国

    Role: Strategist

    Market: China

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    角色: 文化顾问

    市场: 中国/美国

    Role: Cultural Consultant

    Market: China/USA

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    角色: 品牌顾问

    市场: 美国

    Role: Brand Consultant

    Market: U.S.A.

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    角色: 项目顾问

    市场: 中国

    Role: Project Consultant

    Market: China

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    角色: 概念创意

    市场: 美国

    Role: Concept Creative

    Market: U.S.A.

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    角色: 项目调研

    市场: 亚洲

    Role: Project Research

    Market: Greater Asia

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    角色: 文化顾问

    市场: 中国

    Role: Cultural Consultant

    Market: China

  • 评价与推荐

    Review & Recommendation

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    What I found (in Yichi) was human, and authentic and well crafted and revealing and not at all about advertising but about a desire to be a part of work that creates or impacts culture, touches peoples lives the way his life has been touched, and helps businesses grow.

    Kevin Proudfoot

    Executive Creative Director

    Google Creative Lab

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    I met Yichi when he was doing his internship at Wells Fargo in Shanghai back in 2011/12. I was struck immediately by how creative he was despite doing an internship in a bank. Over the years, I have seen Yichi progressed his career into more creative space and I really admired his tenacity to be a successful entrepreneur. Whenever I go to Beijing, Yichi is always one of the first people I think of meeting up with because of the passion he shows when he talks about his projects and generally in life. If you need an inspirational or creative ideas on managing life and business, I highly recommend you reach out to Yichi. You will not regret it.

    David Chan


    Bo Le Associate Greater China

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    I’ve known Yichi for a long time. I’ve always been struck by his infectious optimism and unending tenacity. He’s the type of person who you know isn’t just going to succeed, you’re going to be cheering for them. I wouldn’t put anything past Yichi because he will find a way...while making all those around him, better.

    Matt Mattox

    Senior VP / Group Account Director

    Martin Agency

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    Yichi is a hustler. Ambitious yet grounded. Hardworking would be an under-statement as he never gives up, on himself or others. He has this capability of bringing people together and making them feel his own which is an important quality of a leader alike. Rest assured he's a good friend with a good taste in scotch.

    Datta Saurabh

       Assistant Manager

    Volkswagen Future Center Asia

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    Yichi is the one of the most inspirational and creative people I have worked with in the past. He is the Chinese version of Tony Robbins, who is determined to provide the magic of personal branding and coaching to people! I have known Yichi for more than 6 years, and our interaction started from my MBA application and career redesign journey in 2013. Throughout the frustrating, back and forth process, including several self-doubting and breaking down moments, Yichi showed his strong compassion, empathy and patience which strongly inspired me to continue this journey. He worked close with me together to identify my “value proposition”, MBA School matching, and subsequently crafted a sound career story for me. Our story did not end there, in 2017, Yichi worked with me again on my start-up project. As an external consultant, he brought his marketing and branding skills to the table which helped us identify our target customers. I would recommend Yichi to anyone who needs a trustworthy coach and a motivational mentor in personal branding and career design.

    Leean Saveker

    Senior Consultant

    PwC, New York City

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    Associate Planning Director

    BBDO, Beijing

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    Experience Designer

    VML, New York City